@telier • 2017
A Study of Place & Practice


@telier does not exist as a specific thing like a book, website, or poster. It takes many forms much like the subject at its core: work. It really is just an open question – What and where is the modern work environment?

The project was born in 2014 out of necessity. Two designers worked together – one moved away. We were left questioning the importance of place and proximity in process. We have always felt that no technological advancement can replace the organic process produced by shared space. Was it possible to make their creative partnership continue to work? And when together, what role does place play?

Throughout 2014, Jacob and Jake left their respective studios in New York and Portland to meet in different locations to work together, with new collaborators and commissioners, and in new surroundings.


In January 2015 we released a book documenting the year. Shortly before the release of the book, Jake had moved back to New York. Without needing to travel to collaborate, it was unclear if @telier would continue, or if it did, what form it would take.

We started talking about what we’d learned in the first year: desirable aspects of places we’d been, what was missing from the spaces we worked out of, where we’d go if we could do it again.

We originally asked ourselves two big questions: (1) how important is distance to collaboration?; and (2) how does your environment affect your output?

This year, we’re both based in New York and we have our own studio now, so answering these questions again requires us to change our perspectives.


In 2016, we will relocate the studio (the humans, anyway) to Berlin for one month. We have essentially swapped lives with Daniel and Sebastian for the month of July. We will go there and work in their studio and live in their apartments and they will come to New York and do the same. We aren’t going for a specific purpose and don’t have a project in mind but are open to meeting up or working on something together while we are there (so let us know).


We still firmly believe that the best work requires reliable access to tools (workspace), cultural inputs (cities), and real collaboration (in person).

However, since starting @telier we have felt undercurrents of a general shift in how people want to work. People are looking for breaks in routine to: change perspective, find focus alone or in a team, or rebalance their work-life.

That’s why for 2016, we have decided to open the @telier program up to other designers besides ourselves. To start, we are opening our own studio to designers on a residency basis but our hope is that other organizations will get involved by offering living/working space in new locations.

Resident designers will receive workspace with the expectation that they will be working on a specific project while in the space. At the end of the their residency, the designer will be expected to create some kind of work product or documentation that can be shared. There is no fee, and designers are chosen based on their applications.


The XXXI space is a storefront studio in the East Village of New York City. It’s a dual purpose workspace & exhibition space. In addition to creating something during their stay applicants are encouraged to think about putting on a small exhibition in the space related to what they have worked on. Current occupants include: XXIX, Grilli Type, David McGillivray, and Michael Groth.

Currently there is one residency available;
apply if you’d like to become a host.

Past Residents

Kiosk Kollektiv



Residency at XXXI,
June 6—27 2016



New York City,

Residency in Berlin,
July 6—23 2016

Apply to be a

Currently we are accepting applications for individual designers who are interested in residencies to work on a specific project. To apply we will ask a little bit about you and the project and submit dates that you would like to come. The second step will be a call/skype/hangout to discuss your application in a little more depth. If the project seems like a good fit and you are accepted you should expect a welcome packet from us with information and some things that we’ll need from you (you get to make a flag!).

Apply as a Resident

* Applications are only open to individuals currently, but if you are a team, please contact us.
* If you are not a designer but you think you have a project that is relevant to the program, we still encourage you to apply.

Apply to be a

We are excited to have other studios become hosts of residency programs in their own cities (and more New York is okay, too). How you run your residency is up to you; we want it to be as easy as possible. We can provide guidance as to how we run ours and show you what we give to our residents during their stay. You can use what we provide or come up with your own system. At the very least we would like to list it here to create a directory of these types of spaces and other residents' experiences

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